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I am a professional drummer with over 30 years of experience, currently accepting students at Studio-333 in Cerritos.

I teach all ages and levels. My youngest student is 3 years old, I teach many children, teenagers, and adult, and even students in their 60’s. I often work with beginner adults who have always wanted to play but never had time to learn. I enjoy working with experienced professional drummers who just want to brush up in certain problem areas or expand to a new genre of music. I have worked with students who just want to learn a specific song in preparation for an event, and with those preparing for an audition or wanting to record a promotional video.

I have been playing and recording in LA and OC for over 30 years. I am a 1983 MUSICIAN'S INSTITUTE graduate. My biggest influences are John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Vinnie Colaiuta (Frank Zappa, Sting), and Darren King (MuteMath).
Some of the artists I have played and recorded with include Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night), Bobby Kimball (Toto), Gian Marco, Dave Mason (Traffic), Dionne Warwick, Mariners Church Irvine (primary drummer for 10 years), Tim Timmons (popular Christian artist), Saddleback Church San Clemente (4 years), Disneyland Tomorrowland Terrace (5 years). I also play live and record with local singer songwriters including AJ Degrasse, Mike Vitale, Dallas and Doll, Kurt Hunter, Scott Mickelson, and Mark Anthony Castrillon.

I have two drum kits set up for lessons so that I can sit face to face with my student, demonstrate skills, provide clear instruction, communicate feedback and guidance in the moment, and work out any kinks. It's a cool, fun, comfortable environment to learn in, and I am laid back in my style of teaching. We will discuss your goals and work out a plan for achieving them. I don't use a boring, academic approach to teaching. I was a self-taught drummer long before I studied at Musician's Institute, so my methods integrate many different ways of learning and I tailor my approach to each student’s needs. My goal is to figure out where you are at and get you to where you want to be as a player, and I make it fun!

I can show you studio techniques like drum tuning, mic'ing, playing with a click track, etc. I use a few different iPhone/Android apps that are amazing and will help your playing immediately, so bring your phone or iPad. I can also teach you how to incorporate electronics into your acoustic set up. I have a really cool hybrid kit that I use on a lot of gigs, and I can show you how versatile electronic sounds can be and the dynamics they can add to your projects.

I am happy to provide references if you'd like to speak to some of my students. I offer half hour lessons for $35 and one hour lessons for $65. I love seeing how quickly my students progress and have fun!

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Frank is a great Drumming teacher. He has been very patient with me with my sloppy techniques, and I am confident that he will guide me to be a better drummer. I feel that his teaching method  is helping me play better. He can teach variety of styles and genres, and is always willing to teach what the student wants to play. I highly recommended Frank if you want to learn how to play drums.




Frank and Studio 333 are awesome! Great setup! Great teacher! It's amazing learning from a talented and working musician. Frank is patient and makes each lesson fun. He works well with students of all ages; I met him when he was teaching my then 7 year old son. He's as patient with me as he was with my son. Frank's a great guy and you won't be disappointed!




Frank is a great drum teacher. I enjoy working with him every week. I have really progressed in my drum skills since I've been working with him. He is very talented and I'm greatful to be working with him.




Great guy and amazing spot he has created. His knowledge and experience are unmatched and I'm extremely satisfied with him as my drum teacher as well as the tracks I've layed down at his studio. It's a one stop shop.





The first time I Frank opened up his garage and showed me his studio, my jaw dropped. Totally was not expecting this cool studio to be in the middle of a suburban neighborhood! 
Having no experience, I was nervous before my first drum lesson. I almost canceled but I'm so glad I didn't because Frank is awesome! He tailored the lesson to how I was feeling and when I would mess up, he would remind me to slow down. He is a great teacher because he can identify what you need to work on and will give tips and advice on how to improve. I am a very visual learner so he would play along with me while I watched and mirrored. He is genuinely excited for you when you start making progress! 
I would highly recommend Frank, he's friendly, encouraging, and made me feel comfortable in this new territory of drumming! He's also very flexible with his schedule so he can accommodate!



Frank is an amazing instructor. He is very personal, inspiring and talented. He has the on going experience of playing professionally at many shows. He makes his lessons fun and really helps to get his students to continuously improve their skills. He has been my son’s favorite instructor. I highly recommend him.

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I was looking for a drum teacher for my baby (he is 3 years old) since past 1 years. I found many teachers but nobody was as enthusiastic, fun teaching to my little boy as Frank. Frank is great drummer, fun, loving, flexible and he knows what he is doing. I was soo impressed with Frank, I ended up joining for drum class too😎. I had a great time drumming on the first class itself. Thanks Frank.

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